How to Obtain Divorce Records in Philadelphia

By Marilyn Lindblad

Your safe or safety deposit box should contain important documents such as your will, real estate title documents and divorce records. If you obtained a divorce in Philadelphia and you need a copy of your divorce records, you can get a copy at the court clerk's office.

Call the Clerk of the Family Court at 215-686-3805 and schedule an appointment for a record review. The clerk's office schedules appointments for individuals who are parties to a divorce -- or their lawyers -- to review their divorce files.

Go to the Clerk of the Family Court at 1133 Chestnut Street, First Floor, Philadelphia, PA at the appointed time with proof of your identity. The clerk's office prefers a government-issued identification card with your photo on it. Show your identification to the clerk, and the clerk will allow you to review your file.

Copy the documents you need from your divorce file. You may make copies on the coin-operated copy machine that the court provides for this purpose. Return the file to the clerk when you've copied everything you needed.