How to File an Extension for a Divorce

By Michael Butler

Courts are generally busy with many cases on their dockets, so they like to keep everything moving according to set timelines. However, courts are often generous in granting extensions for a final divorce hearing in cases where the parties are attempting to settle their differences concerning property or child custody. Courts are even more generous in granting extensions when the parties are attempting to reconcile. If you want to extend the time before your divorce is granted, you can ask the court if it will allow it.

Ask your spouse or her attorney if she will agree to the extension. The court is more likely to grant the request if both sides are in agreement.

Obtain a form for a motion for continuance. Your state court system or local court may have one available online. You can also get one from an online legal document service.

Complete the form and state your reason for requesting an extension of time before the divorce is granted.

File the completed Motion for Continuance with the Clerk of the Court and serve a copy on your spouse or her attorney. The judge in your case will decide whether to grant your request and may hold a hearing. If so, attend the hearing and tell the judge why you want the extension.


Research the laws of your state for the appropriate laws applicable to your case.