Agencies That Help Moms Win Biased Custody Cases

By Rebekah Worsham

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Child custody matters are often filled with emotion, particularly when the deck seems stacked in favor of the other side. Mothers who are facing an uphill battle to win custody of their children may benefit from several resources to help them in their case. From mothers' rights advocacy groups to law firms that specialize in helping mothers in danger of losing their children, help is available for those who need it most.

Online Resources

The Help Moms Project ( offers an extensive online collection of resources to assist mothers facing custody disputes. The site provides information on the courts, finding a lawyer, where to turn when you feel your child has been the victim of sexual abuse and access to information on custody laws by state. Searchmothers ( is another online resource that provides information, referrals and support to mothers amid custody battles. The site features articles on tips on preparing for court, how to gain access to custody records and an online directory of child custody attorneys.

Women's Rights Groups

Perhaps one of the most widely known of all women's rights organizations, the National Organization for Women ( provides advocacy, referrals and assistance to women fighting for custody of their children. The group provides specifics on child custody laws by state and referrals to programs for battered women and their children. Madre ( is another women's rights group that provides resources for mothers engaged in custody disputes. The site offers educational programs, referrals and links to local services that may be of support, depending on location, and advocates for equal justice for women in the courts.

Legal Advocates

Some legal groups specialize in women's issues, providing legal services and advocacy to mothers at no charge. The Women's Law Initiative ( provides online resources to help prepare mothers to prepare for court, learn about divorce and custody laws and determine which state holds jurisdiction when one parent has left the state. Legal Momentum ( is another group that advocates on behalf of mothers and their children. The group offers legal services and resources to women who need assistance with obtaining protective orders, collecting child support and obtaining legal custody of their children.

Domestic Violence Groups

The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence ( offers a variety of resources and advocacy services for women who have experienced domestic violence and fear losing custody of their children to their former abusers. The program offers legal services for abused mothers and their children, often at no cost. HelpGuide ( also offers legal advocacy information on behalf of women facing custody battles after leaving their abusive partners. In addition to legal counsel, the nonprofit site offers suggestions for shelter, food and financial assistance to abused women and their children to help get them back on their feet.