The Legal Rights of Children at Age 18 in Texas

By Abby Lane

Updated July 20, 2017

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The age of majority in Texas is 18 years. When Texas residents reach the age of 18, they are entitled to most of the privileges of adulthood. The privilege federally denied an 18-year-old Texas resident, however, is the ability to purchase alcohol. Further, some localities require residents to reach the age of 21 before running for public office.


In Texas, citizens can register and vote in public elections at age 18.

Compulsory School Attendance

Texas residents who reach the age of 18 are no longer compelled by law to attend school and are not subject to truancy laws.


Texas state law institutes mandatory curfews for minors. At age 18, individuals are no longer subject to the curfew laws.


Under Texas law, individuals 18 and over are not restricted in their employment options. Texas laws prohibit minors from working some dangerous jobs, and minors are limited in the number of hours they can work. Once a Texas resident reaches the age of 18, she may work in any vocation she chooses and is not limited in the number of hours she can legally work.


At 18 years old, Texas residents may purchase lottery tickets. 18-year-olds may also lawfully purchase lottery tickets for minors.


Women aged 18 and older may legally obtain an abortion in Texas without parental consent or notification.

Medical Decisions

Texas residents may make medical decisions for themselves without parental input, notification or consent.

Sexual Relations

Texas residents who reach the age of 18 have the capacity to consent to sexual relations. 18-year-olds are, however, subject to Texas statutory rape laws if they engage in prohibited sexual relations with minors more than three years their junior.

Public Office

18-year-olds are eligible to run for Texas state public office. Some localities require residents to reach 21 years before running for office, however.

Tobacco and Alcohol Use

18-year-old Texas residents may purchase and use tobacco products. 18-year-old Texans can legally consume alcohol under parental supervision. Also, an 18-year-old Texas resident whose spouse is 21-years-old or older may consume alcohol under the supervision of the spouse. You must be at least 21 years old to purchase alcohol in Texas.