How to Sign Over Your Parental Rights for Your Children in Ontario

By Neal Litherland

Your parental rights give you the ability and the responsibility to choose the sort of school your child attends, what health care they receive and a slew of other important decisions that must be made by a responsible guardian. If you want to relinquish your parental rights, you need to do so in writing and make sure that it is on record with the court.

Step 1

Contact the county courthouse or child and family services organization in the area where your children live in Ontario. Ask for the form necessary to sign over your parental rights.

Step 2

Fill out the forms that take away your parental rights. You will need to name someone else, such as the other parent or the state, as the recipient of the parental rights so that someone has the right to say what is best for the child.

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Pay all necessary fees and file these forms with the court. In some cases a hearing may be called to prove that you have "good cause" to give up your parental rights, and if that happens you must show up for the hearing and make your case as to why you are giving up your rights.