How to File for an Annulment of Marriage in NYC

By Taylor DiVico

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An annulment is a court-rendered nullification of a marriage based on reasons such as bigamy or underage marriage. According to New York State Domestic Relations Laws -- Sections 5, 6, 7 and 140 -- you have grounds to file for an annulment if your spouse has a disability that affects your sex life, or has suffered from insanity for at least five years of your marriage. Annulments are possible if you were married when under 18 years of age, forced into marriage, entered into a bigamous marriage or if your spouse misrepresented himself or his intentions within the marriage.

Step 1

Contact a New York City civil court division handling annulments. These include Bronx County Supreme Court, Kings County Supreme Court in Brooklyn, New York County Supreme Court, Queens County Supreme Court or the Richmond County Supreme Court in Staten Island. (See Resources.) Ask which forms, identification and documentation you need for an annulment.

Step 2

Contact a lawyer in New York City who specializes in annulments. Meet with the lawyer to discuss your reasons for wanting an annulment. Your lawyer typically advises on your situation, and assists you in determining whether or not you have legal grounds to file and win an annulment case in accordance with New York state law. Ask your lawyer about court proceedings, necessary documentation and associated court and legal fees.

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Step 3

Ask your lawyer what forms, documentation or proof you need to establish grounds for your annulment. Compile documentation, and create a list of potential, beneficial witnesses.

Fill out and sign your annulment forms. Have your spouse sign the forms. Bring your paperwork to the clerk of courts at one of the NYC courts, or give them to your lawyer to file. Pay the NYS annulment filing fees. The annulment process begins when you submit all forms and documents to the court of law.