How to Get Married by a Justice of the Peace in Ohio

By Jennifer Simon

Updated June 07, 2017

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Numerous ways are available to have a wedding officiated in Ohio. First, a marriage license must be obtained from the state, and then the marriage must be performed by an individual who is authorized to perform a marriage. Once the ceremony takes place, the couple is provided a marriage certificate that shows that the event took place. In the state of Ohio, many individuals choose to be married by a justice of the peace, and a specific process must take place in order to select and be married by a justice of the peace.

To begin the process of getting a marriage license, log on to the Internet or search in the phone book to determine where the county clerk's office is located. Call the office to verify the hours of business. The U.S. Marriage Laws website at explains that a couple can usually obtain a marriage license quickly, but it is advisable to check with the county clerk's office in advance.

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Determine how the local county clerk's office handles marriage licenses so you obtain it with adequate time before the marriage ceremony date. The U.S. Marriage Laws website explains that the couple will need to provide specific documentation including birth certificates and tax information in order to get the marriage license. The Wedding Vendors website at explains that a marriage license is only good for 60 days in the state of Ohio.

Pay the marriage license fee to complete the process. The U.S. Marriage Laws website explains that the marriage license fee in the state of Ohio is usually around $50, and it must be paid in cash. Check with the county clerk's office about how many justices of the peace officiate weddings locally.

Schedule for a justice of the peace to be present and officiate the wedding ceremony on the wedding day. In some cases, the date of the wedding will need to be flexible depending on the schedule of the justice of the peace. Make sure that the wedding date takes place before the marriage license expires.

Choose a location for the wedding and confirm the wedding date with the justice of the peace before the wedding. The Wedding Vendors website explains that in some counties a couple can get married at the courthouse directly after the marriage license is obtained. In the state of Ohio, justices of the peace are readily available to perform marriage ceremonies and meet the needs of engaged couples.

Items you will need

  • Marriage license

  • License fee