Are Divorce Settlements Public Record?

By Heather Leigh Landon

Divorce settlements are considered part of public records, meaning they can be searched by anyone seeking the divorce information. The Freedom of Information Act has made divorce records, and many other documents, accessible by the general public.


Anyone interested in getting a copy of your divorce record can do so by contacting their local vital statistics office. Records can be obtained by filling out a form in person, through the mail or over the Internet and a small fee may be applied for the record.


Many states and counties have put their vital statistic records online, and these records can easily be obtained for a fee. Other organizations and directories also offer an online search service for divorce records.

Mediation Hearings

Though divorce records are a matter of public record, portions of the actual mediation process may be sealed once the divorce has been completed. The part of the divorce that will be made accessible to the public will include parties involved, reasons and results of the mediation process.

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