How to Obtain a Divorce Date

By Talia Kennedy

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If you are divorced, you may need to obtain the official date of your divorce for personal records, financial reasons or to re-marry. The court where you obtain the divorce records the date when it becomes final. Your official divorce date is the final filing date, not the date on which you or your former spouse first filed for divorce. You can find your final divorce date by looking in court and public records.

Step 1

Contact the registrar's office in the county where you were divorced to obtain a copy of your divorce decree, which is public record. Look on the office's website for instructions on how to submit your request for a copy. You may be able to submit your request online, but if not, you will need to obtain a form to submit your request. Call the office and have them mail you a copy of the form, pick it up in person or, if possible, download it from the office's website.

Step 2

Fill out the form completely and accurately. Provide all essential details, and double-check your spelling and dates for accuracy. You will likely be asked for information such as your full name, your spouse's full name, the approximate date of your divorce and the court that handled your divorce. You may have to list the reason for your request. Include the address to which you would like the copy to be sent, and remember to date your request. Make a copy of the completed form for your records.

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Submit your request. It may take several weeks to receive your copy, so be sure to plan ahead so that you will receive it by the date you need the information. If you haven't received it by the expected date, contact the registrar's office to check on the status of your request. A clerk there should be able to tell you if your copy has been mailed and when to expect it.