How to File for a Divorce in Harris County, Texas

By Editorial Team

Updated July 20, 2017

The Harris County District Court hears all divorce petitions of its residents. Divorce proceedings can be either uncontested if the spouses agree on the divorce terms, contested if they’d like a judge to hear both sides and make a ruling or default if one spouse doesn’t participate. The procedures and paperwork for each of these types of divorces vary. However, every Harris County divorce proceeding starts with filing a petition and serving the spouse notice.

Fill out the petition for divorce form. Make two copies of the petition form. Take it the Harris County District Clerk’s office during business hours.

Pay the filing fees associated with filing divorce papers, which can vary but should be between $200 and $350 depending on the current schedule of fees.

Serve your spouse with legal notice that you filed a petition for divorce. Have your spouse sign the Waiver of Citation form if he is willing to certify that he knows about the divorce petition and does not need notice.


Only file for divorce at the Harris County District Clerk’s office if you or your spouse have lived in Harris County for the last 90 days prior. Otherwise, you should file in the county where you have lived.


This information is not meant to be legal advice. Please use it for general informational purposes only. If you would like legal advice on how to file a divorce petition in Texas’s Harris County, please consult a Texas-licensed attorney.