How to Amend a South Carolina Birth Certificate

By Editorial Team

Updated July 20, 2017

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Changing or amending a birth certificate in South Carolina is done through the state Department of Health and Environmental Control. The steps needed to amend a birth certificate may vary depending on the reason for the change, and you may be required to take legal action in the case of name changes. Your request for the changes must be reviewed before the state can provide detailed instructions on how to amend a birth certificate.

Apply for a copy of the birth certificate you want to change. You can request copies only of your birth certificate or that of your child or legal ward. You may apply online, in person at your county's Department of Health and Environmental Control, or by phone or mail. The department's state office can provide birth cards and long-form birth certificates, which are necessary for travel. The state office is at 2600 Bull St. in Columbia. Or go online to

Wait up to four weeks for the birth certificate to be processed, depending on whether you apply for the birth certificate online or by mail. When it arrives, write a note detailing the desired changes. Mail the certificate and the desired changes to your county vital records office or visit the office to initiate the changes.

Allow the county vital records office staff to review your request, which may take a few weeks. You then will be advised on the steps necessary to make amendments and changes to the original birth certificate. If you have not heard from the office in more than 30 days, call to check on the status of your request.


When requesting a birth certificate, you will be required to provide the birth certificate owner's full name and birth date, as well as the county of birth and the parents' full names.

Parents and legal guardians can alter a birth certificate only for children younger than 18.

Always provide a photo ID with your birth certificate application or your request will be denied.


If you have made repeated requests for changes to the birth certificate in the past, your request may be denied.