Kansas Babysitting Laws

By Alison Sperry

boy walking off sign image by Richard Kane from Fotolia.com

The state of Kansas does not have any written laws for babysitting, except that the minimum age is 11 years old. However, The Kansas Department of Labor and Environment has issued suggestions and tips for parents, in regards to hiring a qualified occasional babysitter. The suggestions given are ways to ensure that your children remain in a safe environment while in the care of a sitter.


When hiring a babysitter, ask for references and contact them. They will be able to help you decide whether the person you have in mind is responsible and will be a good match to care for your children.


A preferable babysitter is one that is trained in first aid and CPR. These certifications show that the individual has been trained on what to do in the event of a medical emergency. The American Red Cross offers first aid and CPR training and also has a babysitting training class. Ask the potential candidate to show his certification cards that prove the courses have been completed and the certifications are up to date.

Emergency Plan

If you have developed an emergency plan for events such as fire or carbon monoxide, share these plans with your babysitter. Leave a list of emergency contact numbers with them as well.

Express Your Expectations

When you hire a babysitter, tell them what you expect from them. Let the sitter know what areas are off limits and make sure that the sitter understands that he is to be watching the children at all times. Instruct your babysitter about what activities your children are allowed to participate in while you are away. In addition, make sure that your sitter is aware of safety guidelines involving any pool or playground areas.