How to Retrieve Divorce Documents in Wheaton, Illinois

By Danielle Smyth

Updated August 15, 2018

If you are recently divorced, plan to be divorced or are just looking to obtain divorce documents in Wheaton, Illinois, there are a number of processes put in place by DuPage County. Divorce documents are part of the public record, so obtaining them once they are filed is a fairly simple endeavor. When you file divorce documents, you will also be given a courtesy copy of the paperwork that was turned in to the County Clerk.


You may retrieve divorce records in DuPage County by visiting the County Clerk's office with the names and divorce filing date of the parties in question.

DuPage County Divorce Papers

To obtain DuPage divorce records, you may visit the County Clerk’s office on a weekday during normal business hours. The more information you have available regarding the divorced parties, the easier it will be for the Clerk to locate the records in question. The full names of both individuals and the date their divorce was filed are important pieces of information to have on hand.

There is a fee for obtaining copies of a divorce decree in Dupage County, Illinois. This fee will vary based on the length of the records you’re asking for, since there is an additional charge by the page.

How Do I File for Divorce in Illinois

To file for divorce in Illinois, you’ll need to complete the Joint Simplified Dissolution of Marriage process. This type of petition is not available to everyone, however. According to the County, there are limitations placed on aspects of the union, including the length of the marriage, the amount of property owned and the income of the involved parties. If the criteria are met, you may proceed with a petition.

The County recommends that both parties consult a separate attorney before proceeding with their divorce petition. If you decide to move forward, the county requires five forms to file your divorce petition. These are:

  • the Joint Petition for Simplified Dissolution of Marriage (Form 3257)
  • the Joint Affidavit for Simplified Dissolution of Marriage (Form 3258)
  • the Marital Settlement Agreement for Joint Dissolution of Marriage (Form 3259)
  • the Judgment for Simplified Dissolution of Marriage (Form 3260)
  • the State of Illinois Department of Public Health Bureau of Vital Records – Dissolution of Marriage Certificate (State Form VR700)

To file your case with the County, both spouses must appear before the Circuit Court Clerk. The above forms and a filing fee are due at this time. You’ll receive a case number and a hearing date. You will also be given a courtesy copy of the information you have submitted.

On the day of your hearing, both spouses must again appear. A judge will listen to the details of your case, review your paperwork and determine whether to approve the petition for divorce.