How to Change Back to a Maiden Name While Still Married

By Melinda Gaines

Many people decide to change their last name after getting married, only to decide it was the wrong choice later on. Whether you want your maiden name back due to its association with your profession, or because you simply like your maiden name better, you will need to go through a different process than you did when your name was originally changed after marriage.

Step 1

Contact your county clerk by phone or visit their official website address. Ask him for an adult name change petition form, and ask what exactly needs to be done to make the name change effective.

Step 2

Submit to a criminal history check, and go to court with your name change petition. The judge will ask you why you want to change your name--give her the truthful answer.

Change your name on important documents, such as your driver's license, social security card, credit and bank accounts and leasing agreements. You will need to submit proof of the name change, so get official copies of the judge's order before attempting to make any changes.