|> How to File for Divorce for Free in Florida

By Lindsay Kramer

Updated August 21, 2018

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Usually, it costs money to file for divorce in Florida. For qualified couples, filing for a Simplified Divorce costs $408 plus a $10 summons fee. For couples who need greater court involvement in their divorces, such as court oversight of their property division and the development of a parenting plan and child support order, there are additional expenses. Typically, getting divorced in Florida costs between $2,000 and $7,000. However, it is possible to file for divorce in Florida for free.


The only way to waive a divorce filing fee is to be declared as having civil indigent status.

Getting a No-Cost Divorce in Florida

Being unable to afford divorce fees will not prevent you from getting a divorce in Florida. You may fill out a divorce filing fee waiver to seek civil indigent status. By doing this, you can reduce your court’s divorce expenses to just a $25 administrative fee.

This waiver is known as an Application for Determination of Indigent Status. Along with the application, you must file an Affidavit of Indigency. This document lists all of your assets as well as your current income, including any income you receive from disability benefits or Workers’ Compensation. Sign this document and have it notarized before filing it with your Dissolution of Marriage in Florida forms.

Dissolution of Marriage in Florida Forms

If you plan to seek civil indigent status, you must file your Application for Determination of Indigent Status alongside your Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. Filing for indigent status does not guarantee that it will be approved. If it is not approved, you will have to pay the fees for all of your other documents related to your Dissolution of Marriage in Florida forms.

After submitting your Application for Determination of Indigent status, the court may require you to attend a hearing. In this hearing, the court may ask about the claims you made in your document. After discussing your application and financial status, the court may approve or deny the application. If your application is approved, your divorce-related filing fees are waived. If it is denied, you must pay the $480 fee for filing for divorce in order to move forward with the process.

Preparing for a Free Divorce in Florida

Prepare for your application and hearing by gathering all of your financial documents together and making them easily accessible. If you are working with a divorce lawyer, she can help you with this process.

By having your documents readily available, you can accurately answer any questions that come up in your hearing and prove your financial difficulty.