Grants for Divorced Women

By Mike Broemmel

Updated April 04, 2017

Image by, courtesy of Mo Riza

In addition to being an emotionally traumatic experience, divorce affects women from a financial standpoint in many ways as well. The pay gap between men and women still exists, and many women are not able to fully recover financially from the aftermath of divorce without some type of financial assistance, but some available programs can help.

Types of Assistance Available

The most common types of grants available to women in the aftermath of a divorce include those that fund educational and job training, housing, child care and health services. These grants are found in the public and private sector.

The underlying function of all of these grants is twofold. First, they're designed to provide a divorced woman with at least some degree of financial stability. Second, these grants are intended to assist in achieving meaningful and lasting financial independence.

Education and Job Training

Education and job training grants for divorced women are offered through governmental programs and private sector agencies. They are typically designed to pay costs directly associated with education and training, and some also provide at least a nominal amount to assist in day-to-day living expenses. For example, a woman is hard pressed to participate in job training if she has children and is unable to pay for child care expenses. There are grants that take this into consideration.


Despite the fact that a majority of married women are working outside the home, a divorce can nonetheless result in a disproportionately negative impact on a woman's ability to earn a living. She might find herself trying to juggle responsibilities as the primary caretaker of the children with the demands of working to earn a decent living.

Understanding these complications, there are grants available to assist women in obtaining housing and in paying for related costs such as utility services in the immediate aftermath of a divorce.

Health Care

Women and children sometimes end up without sufficient health insurance coverage after a divorce. There are some grants available that assist a divorced woman either with paying for health insurance premiums or in directly paying for basic medical services for herself and her children.


Grants for divorced women are limited both in availability and in scope. A woman in the midst of a divorce cannot assume that this type of financial aid will be available to her.