How to Obtain a Copy of Divorce Records in Upper Marlboro, MD

By Anna Green

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If you require certified copies of your divorce records that you can use to change your name or submit to a government agency, you will need to obtain them from the Circuit Court for Prince George's County or from the State of Maryland.

Step 1

Make a written request to the circuit court. If the divorce was finalized while you were residing in Upper Marlboro, you will need to request the documents from the Circuit Court for Prince George's County. If the divorce was filed in another jurisdiction, you will need to request the documents from that court, regardless of your current residence.

Step 2

Prove that you are entitled to receive copies of the records. The court will ask you to show identification, such as your Maryland driver's license or state ID card to show that you are either the subject of the divorce proceeding or a legal representative of a party to the case.

Step 3

Include your case number, full name at the time you file for divorce, and attorney's name with your request. Also include a self-addressed stamped envelope. This will help the court expedite processing and ensure that the records are sent to your current address.

Request a final divorce decree from the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. If you need a certified copy of your final divorce decree, you will need to request it from the state of Maryland. Note that the decree you receive from the state will only include basic demographic information and the date of your divorce. It will not reference any of the terms of your separation or agreements made during your divorce hearings.