How to Get a Divorce Without a Lawyer

By Editorial Team

In many states it is legal to get a divorce without representation. If you have limited or no assets and no children or dependents, it may the way to go as you'll save money in attorney and court costs. Follow these general steps to get a divorce without a lawyer.

Step 1

Determine if you qualify for a no-fault divorce in your state by utilizing online resources such as or calling your county clerk's office. It's important to understand the law governing divorce in your area as it varies by state.

Step 2

Pick up the forms you will need from your local state courthouse or clerk's office. You can find state-specific forms online as well to download for free on websites such as

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Step 3

Fill out the forms completely with all required information pertaining to your divorce. Follow the directions closely. These should be fairly simple if you have limited assets to split or have already arranged how they will be divided.

Step 4

Sign the forms and have your spouse sign them as well. In some states they are required to be notarized (this can be done at your bank or many Post Offices).

Deliver the completed forms and any required fees to the organization in your state that will be handling your divorce. This information should be included on the instructions for filing.