According to Missouri Law, How Long After You Get Divorced Is It Before You Can Remarry?

By Alisa Stevens

Remarriage laws vary by state. Some states require a waiting period after divorce while others do not. Waiting periods tend to range from 30 to 90 days after the divorce decree. Missouri, however, does not have a waiting period for remarriage. A divorced individual can remarry immediately after the judge approves the divorce decree. However, divorcees in Missouri should review the effects of the new marriage on any divorce decree provisions, including any court-ordered alimony.


To file for divorce in Missouri, a person must be a resident for 90 days. As a modified no-fault state, Missouri requires the person filing for divorce to prove the marriage is “irretrievably broken.” Once a spouse files the petition, there is a waiting period of at least 30 days before the court can dissolve the marriage. In addition, once the court dissolves the marriage, either spouse has 30 days to appeal the decision.


Missouri does not require a waiting period before a person can remarry after a divorce. However, a divorced person must provide the date of the divorce decree on her marriage license application. Individuals divorced less than 30 days must provide written acknowledgement they are applying for a marriage license even though their former spouses can appeal the divorce or the court may set aside its decision within 30 days of the divorce order. If the divorce is successfully appealed or set aside within the 30-day window, the new marriage may be voidable.


Upon dissolution of marriage, the court may order one spouse to provide spousal support or alimony to the other. Factors that influence a court's spousal support decisions include the financial resources of the spouses, their earning capacity, duration of the marriage and their standard of living. If the court views one spouse as needing financial support, it can order spousal support. However, according to Missouri Revised Statutes Section 452.075, alimony payments end upon remarriage. The former spouse can immediately stop any ordered payments without any court intervention. This is something to consider when deciding whether or not to remarry soon after your divorce.

Child Support

Providing child support is the responsibility of a child’s birth parents, whether or not they've remarried. Therefore, child support payments continue after a remarriage. Remarriage does not change the relationship between a parent and child. Parents remain responsible for the health and welfare of their minor children regardless of marital status.