How Can I Get a Copy of My Connecticut Divorce Decree?

By Editorial Team

Items you will need

  • Personal information of divorced parties

  • Valid ID

  • Administrative fee

If you are from Connecticut and need a copy of your divorce decree, you can obtain a copy from the Connecticut vital statistics office, or the superior court where the decree was finalized. The easier of the two methods is to make a personal appearance at the local courthouse. However, this is not always possible, especially if you live in another state.

By Mail

Provide all the pertinent information like name of husband and wife, along with the wife’s maiden name. You will also need the date of the divorce, as well as the city and state where the divorce occurred.

Address an envelope to the Connecticut vital statistics office (see Resources). Call that office to learn the fee before requesting your decree by mail.

Write a letter requesting a copy of the Judgment File, the term for a divorce decree. Explain your relationship to the divorced parties and the reason for the copy. Insert a copy of your valid ID, necessary for verification purposes. Sign your letter and mail with a money order for the fee.

Expect to receive a copy of your Judgment File within six weeks.

In Person

Take the pertinent information like names of the divorced parties, including the maiden name, date of the divorce and Social Security numbers to the superior court where the divorce Judgment file was finalized.

Fill out a request form. Show your relationship to the divorced parties.

Pay the appropriate filing fee and you will receive the decree.


Though some vital statistics records are available for online ordering, divorce decrees are not.