How to Legally Change a Maiden Name in West Virginia

By Michaele Curtis

Updated October 23, 2017

After getting married, a woman has the choice of keeping her maiden name, changing to her husband’s last name or combining the two. If she is a resident of West Virginia, she needs to make the change in three places: the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), the Social Security Administration (SSA) office and her employer's office. Each requires proof of identity and a marriage certificate.

Visit a nearby West Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles office. Take your marriage certificate, birth certificate and current West Virginia identification card or driver’s license with you. Complete the application for a replacement identification card or driver’s license. Present the application and required documents to a representative. Surrender your previous card or driver's license. Pay any fees associated with changing your name and acquiring a replacement card. Have your photo taken, if required.

Go to a nearby Social Security Administration office. Bring your new identification card or driver’s license, your marriage certificate and current Social Security card showing your maiden name. Complete the application to update your Social Security card with your married name. Present the application and your documents to the clerk. Surrender the Social Security card that displays your maiden. Obtain confirmation stating you have made the change to your card immediately. Receive a new card in the mail within two or three weeks.

Notify your employer of your name change once you have received a Social Security card displaying your married name. Provide copies of both your new West Virginia identification card or driver's license and your new Social Security card for the employer's records and IRS reporting purposes.


Although nothing more is required to change your name legally in West Virginia, you may need to notify other parties, such as your bank, landlord or utility companies, to avoid confusion.


Changing your married name back to your maiden name in West Virginia requires a court order, even if you have divorced your spouse.